Why do I need to have insurance?

Go the extra mile - get insured!

Go the extra mile – get insured!

Why do I need to have insurance if I’m going to be in charge of my own business?

Do unforeseen things happen?

Do your clients trust your inflatable jumper rental business?

Even inflatable distributors like Jungle Jumps – a worldwide supplier of commercial grade inflatables – know that insurance is a must, even for safe and sound inflatables.

In their article titled “Your Inflatable Jumper Business and Insurance” Jungle Jumps writes “One of the best things about having insurance is that people will feel much more comfortable renting a jump house from you. They will know that should anything unforeseen happen, they’ll be covered by your insurance. And you can rest more comfortably as well, as you’ll know that if something does happen, because no matter how diligent you may be you never know when an accident will occur, you’ll be saved from going completely bankrupt.


And who wants to go bankrupt for having – or providing – fun?


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