House of Bounce bouncing back after a fire claim

JOPLIN, MO. – After a total loss by fire in June, House of Bounce is bouncing back bigger and better than ever. How would the headlines read if this were your business? Do you have property coverage? The House of Bounce demolition and rebuilding plans are now underway. From Main Street, you can see the framework of the House of Bounce and construction equipment on site. Owner say they always planned to rebuild not only because they wanted to, but for so many kids who want the chance to bounce again.

“It was always our intent to have something to rebuild to. It may not have been in the same capacity. It may have taken longer, but we had every intent of being back for the Joplin area,” said House of Bounce insurance policy holders / owners. “It’s been a long process to get to this point.”
“We’re going to be bigger. We’re gaining at least 1,000 square feet. We are going to have taller ceilings so we are now able to put in more inflatables in house.”
“We knew rebuilding was the right thing to do.”
While the House of Bounce’s owners are eager to rebuild, fire officials say the cause of the blaze is undetermined and still under investigation. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is working with the State Fire Marshal’s Office on the case. They have some persons of interest, but at this time no charges have been filed, and the insurance claim is moving forward.

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