Freak Accident: California birthday party boy – shocked!

While a friend and he were just taking a picture – it happened. 9-year old Elijah Belden “apparently touched a metal patio cover support that had stringing lights and had somehow become electrified”, according  to the NBC San Diego news coverage. “A family friend rushed to Elijah’s side to perform CPR moments after he was shocked.”

From the Facebook community page “Today marks one week that sweet Elijah was admitted into the hospital. We are all very anxious to see him awake and it should hopefully be soon. The doctors are taking things slowly knowing this is what is best for our sweet boy. His parents have been incredibly strong throughout this whole process and I know it has a lot to do with the amount of prayers and support they have been receiving from the community. As anyone can only imagine, this is the hardest thing they’ve ever been thru and it’s only natural for it to start to take a toll on them. Please pray for strength and peace specifically for Tony and Aly during this time. They are amazing parents and we need to continue to lift them up.

If the patio cover was rented party equipment, there would likely be a claim against the rental company – if they setup the canopy and/or lights for the event. In which case, general liability insurance would cover the legal expense and liability judgement.

You can buy California birthday party insurance for as low as $155, which would include the party rental equipment and inflatable amusement devices, as well as overnight camping and water activities.